About the Editor Software

The Mastermind GT is a very advanced MIDI controller with extensive capabilities and an LCD over every button. The Mastermind PBC is a pedalboard based audio switcher that uses the same "brains" as the Mastermind GT, giving it similar MIDI capabilities. And the Mastermind LT is a small, low cost MIDI controller using the same core as the Mastermind PBC. All of these devices are able to connect to a PC or Mac using a standard USB connection and communicate with our editor software.

The editor software is able to edit settings and transfer those settings to and from the GT, LT and PBC. On the Mastermind GT, the editor permits much faster editing using a familiar user interface. The editor does the same for the Mastermind LT and PBC, but also unlocks the full power of these units, allowing the user perform far more editing tasks than is possible using the on-board editing.


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