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IA Link

IA Linking is a feature that allows you to link two or more buttons together so that turning one on turns the other on, and turning one off turns the other off. This is especially useful if you have more than one button that controls the same function. For example, you may have a button that controls a particular pedal on more than one button page. If you turn the pedal on on the first page, you want the button on the second page also to turn on so that it accurately reflects the state of the pedal.

To enable this feature for a button, turn on the IA Link checkbox, which is found on the Button Edit Page. Once this is enabled, any button that has the same first action in its action list as the current button does will be linked. Pressing one button will affect the state of the other. The linked button will not send its messages or execute its Actions, however.

  • Buttons with a System / Preset action as their first action will automatically be highlighted when the preset is selected, even if the preset was selected without using the button. (For example from an incoming program change message, or a standard Preset button).
  • On the Mastermind LT and PBC, IA Link also links IA buttons to the actual state of the internal loops, function switches, etc. It's best to always keep IA Link turned on for any button that controls one of these features.