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Buttons Tab

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PBC Buttons Tab GT Buttons Tab

The Buttons Tab is where you can set the functionality of the buttons and pages on your device. This tab displays a virtual display of your device. At the bottom of the screen, there are selectors that let you choose which button page is visible. There is also a checkbox that lets you see what your device looks like in IA Mode. Lastly, there's a field where you can name each button page.

You can perform functions on these buttons simply by clicking on them in virtual display.

Please note that in the Mastermind GT editor, you click the displays over each button to work with them. In the Mastermind editor, you click on the button itself.

You can swap buttons by simply clicking and dragging a button from one location to another.

Double clicking on a button opens up the Button Edit Page, where you can edit all of the button parameters in detail.

Right-click menu

There is also a context menu that you can use by right-clicking on a button (on a Mac, use Ctrl-click). This menu is used to provide quick access to certain settings. It has the following options:

Type - Sets the type of the button

Group - Sets the button group number for this button

Assign CC - Allows you to choose a CC (continuous controller) message that controls a function on one of your devices. Any device that was chosen by manufacturer and model in the Devices Tab will have its CC messages available here

Assign Default Buttons (GT Only) - Sets the currently displayed button page to a page of buttons specifically designed to control one of your devices. Any device that was chosen by manufacturer and model in the Devices Tab will be listed as an option here. Please note that non-IA buttons such as presets and bank up/down will not be overwritten with new functions, but will change the buttons' IA Mode functions

Copy and Paste - Allows you to copy and paste individual buttons from one location to another, even if they're on different pages

Copy from Page - Overwrites this page with a copy of the selected button page

Copy to Page - Copies this page to the selected button page, overwriting it

Swap This Page with - Swaps this page with the selected page

Copy Page from Preset - Overwrites this page with a copy of a preset's local button page. A dialog will pop up, requesting the number of the preset you wish to copy.