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Loading and Saving Settings

Loading Settings

The File / Load menu option brings up a file dialog, which lets you select a settings file to load. Settings files always have a .rjs extension.

Saving Settings

The File / Save menu option saves the currently loaded file. If no file has been loaded, a file dialog pops up, asking you to name the file.

The File / Save As menu option brings up a file dialog where you can choose to save the settings under a new file name.

The required .rjs extension will automatically be appended to the filename.

Exporting Settings

The File / Export menu option brings up a dialog that allows you to save a portion of your settings. This is useful if you need to move certain presets, sysex messages, macros, etc. to another device.


Use the checkboxes to select which items you wish to write to the file, and set the upper and lower numbers to be transferred (if applicable). Once you click OK, you will be prompted for a filename where the settings will be saved.

When you load an exported file, it will overwrite only the data that you specified when exporting the file. For example, you can copy the presets from one configuration to another by doing this:

  1. Load the file that has the presets you want to copy
  2. Use the Export option to save only the presets
  3. Load the file where you want the presets to be copied
  4. Load the file exported in step 2

This will overwrite only the presets in the original file with the new preset list.