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Songs And Setlists

For live performances, your presets can be arranged into Songs and Setlists. Using this feature allows you to group presets by song and makes it easy to rearrange those songs for each performance.

A Song is a group of presets – up to 16 of them – that are selected for use in a particular song. Each preset is typically chosen for the sounds needed in different parts of a song: intro, verse, chorus, bridge, solo, etc. Each preset in a song can be chosen from any of the 768 presets defined in the system, and presets can be used in more than one song.

A Setlist is an ordered list that represents the songs you’re going to play in a particular performance. You press a button to move to the next song in your setlist as you finish each song. You can have multiple setlists defined for different performances - up to 64 of them, or you can choose the "All Songs" setlist, which contains all 1008 songs in numerical order.

When Song and Setlist mode is active, the Bank Up and Bank Down buttons move from song to song instead of moving from bank to bank. When a song is selected, the preset buttons on the current button page display the presets assigned to the song.

If there are more presets in the song than there are visible preset buttons, the remaining presets will not be displayed. On devices like the Mastermind LT, PBC and GT/10, you can't have 16 preset buttons, but you can use Preset + and Preset - buttons to cycle through all presets without needing to have a preset button for each song.

Song and Setlist mode is enabled using the Setlist parameter in the Globals Tab. If Setlist is set to None, the normal bank and preset mode is active. If Setlist is set to All Songs or any of your 64 setlists, then Song and Setlist mode is active.

You can also select setlists using a System / Setlist action. This allows you to switch setlists - or switch in and out of song/setlist mode - with a button press or other event.

For more information, see Mastering the Mastermind Episode 11, Songs and Setlists