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Transferring Settings Between Device and Computer

The Mastermind can connect to a Mac or PC computer using a standard USB B cable, often known as a USB printer cable. When connected, the device will appear as a standard MIDI device. The first time it's plugged in, it may take a while to appear as the drivers install. The standard system drivers are used, so you don't need to provide a driver file.

The Transfer menu of the editor contains options that allow the editor to communicate with the device. The options are as follows:

  • Connect To Device
  • Read Settings From Device
  • Write Settings From Device
  • Write Changes To Device

It's important to make sure that at least your editor version and firmware version match, at least in the first two numbers. For example 4.8.0 and 4.8.1 will work together, but 4.7.0 and 4.8.0 will not. The below menu options won't work correctly if the versions are not close enough.

In general, it's best to keep up to date with the latest firmware and editor versions.

Connect To Device

This option simply checks to see if the device is connected. If it is, a green "Connected" message appears in the upper right corner of the editor. If a device is not found, an error message is displayed.

This step is optional - the editor will always make sure the device is connected before transferring settings.

Read Settings From Device

Selecting this option reads the settings from the device into the editor. This will overwrite any settings you have in the editor, so be sure to save your settings if needed.

Write Settings From Device

This option writes all of your settings from the editor to the device, overwriting any settings on the device.

Write Changes To Device

This option also writes your settings from editor to device, but only settings that have changed since they were last written to the device. This option is often faster than Write Settings To Device, but the speed depends on the extent of changes performed. The first time you write changes during an editing session, it will take longer because it writes all of your settings, but subsequent writes will be faster.