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IA Mode

As discussed in the Buttons and Pages section, there are many button types, including IA (Instant Access). IA buttons are the most general purpose type - they execute a list of Actions that can send MIDI messages and perform many other functions.

When editing buttons, you'll see that you can edit Actions and other IA-related parameters, even when the button is not set to IA type. In fact, there are separate Normal Mode and IA Mode settings for button name and color. This is where IA Mode comes in.

When a button of type IA Mode button is activated, any button that isn't an IA type button will switch to display its IA settings (if it has any). For example, a Preset button that has IA actions defined will act as a preset button until IA Mode is pressed. Then, it will act like an IA button using the provided settings. Pressing the IA Mode button once again will return the preset button back to its normal function.

Note 1: This feature was introduced in earlier MIDI controllers, where it was often referred to as IA Reveal.

Note 2: The default Mastermind GT configuration is set up to use IA Mode and has an IA Mode button defined. The Mastermind LT and PBC are not set up to use IA Mode by default, but can be programmed to use it if desired.

Note 3: Buttons of type IA Mode are the one exception - they can't be assigned IA parameters and won't change when in IA Mode.

Note 4: Buttons that don't have any Actions in their list will not change to an IA button when you switch to IA Mode.

Note 5: If you have Actions defined on a button, and Send on Preset Change is turned on for that button, the button's actions will be run every time you change presets. This will happen whether IA Mode is active or not.

More information about IA Mode can be found in Mastering the Mastermind Episode 3, MIDI Controller Basics (towards the end of the video) and Episode 7, Advanced Button Editing