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Setlists Tab

The Setlists Tab is where you can edit setlists and assign songs to those setlists. See the Songs and Setlists section for more information on how songs and setlists work.

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Setlist List

The leftmost column contains a list of all of the setlists in the system. Select a setlist in this list, and you can edit the setlist using the fields on the right side of the screen. You can also change the order of your setlists simply by dragging and dropping within this list.

General Settings

Name - Assigns a name to this setlist.

Songs in this Setlist

This is a list of songs that are in the currently selected setlist. There are 100 slots, each of which can have a song assigned, or no song assigned. On the Mastermind GT or PBC, pressing the Bank Up and Bank Downbuttons move through the songs within the current setlist using the order shown in this list.

Similar to the Setlist List, you can drag and drop songs within this list to change the order of songs within the setlist.

Available Songs

This is a list of all songs in the system. To put a song into your setlist, select a slot in the Songs in this Setlist list, then select a song from the Available Songs list. There's a None option at the top of this list you can use to create an empty slot.

For more information about songs and setlists, see Mastering the Mastermind episode 11, Songs and Setlists