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Sysex Tab

The Sysex Tab allows you to define Sysex messages. Sysex messages are a special type of MIDI message that are specific to a particular product or manufacturer, and are usually defined as a string of hexadecimal digits (numbers where each digit can be 0-9 or A-F). These messages are often listed in a product's user manual or MIDI specification, and are usually used to access advanced features of a device that aren't available when using standard MIDI messages.

In actuality, the messages defined in this tab aren't limited to being Sysex messages - they can be any MIDI message at all. No error checking is done on these messages, so it's important to get the numbers right.

To send one of these messages, use the System / Sysex action on your button or preset. You will be able to specify up to two messages from this list to send - one to send when the button is turned on and one to send when it's turned off.

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Sysex List

The leftmost column contains a list of all of the Sysex messages in the system. Select a Sysex message in this list, and you can edit the message using the fields on the right side of the screen. You can also change the order of your Sysex messages simply by dragging and dropping within this list.

General Settings

Sysex Message Name - Assigns a name to this Sysex message

Sysex Message Contents

This is where you specify the contents of your message. Enter the message as a string of hexadecimal digits separated by spaces. For example: F0 00 01 5B 00 F7

You can add as many as 16 bytes (in this case, a byte is a 2-digit number). If you need to send a longer message, you can create multiple Sysex entries and break up the message into pieces. Use multiple System / Sysex actions to send all of the pieces in a row. Using a macro is a convenient way to group multiple Sysex actions so that you can send them all at once with one System / Macro action.